Scheduling Service for Your Audi in San Juan, Texas

At Audi San Juan in San Juan, TX, we want to take the stress out of vehicle maintenance. We know that you have a lot of other things going on in your life. In order to ensure that your vehicle is being taken care of properly, we want you to trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to perform all kinds of repairs and routine service. When it comes to service, we want to make sure you don’t put off contacting us. Something might be very simple for us to fix right now. If you wait until your vehicle isn’t drivable anymore, you could be faced with very expensive repairs. In rare cases, we may not even be able to address the problems fully.


There are many different things that can go wrong with your Audi as you commute from Edinburg, TX to Mission, TX. As with any vehicle, daily driving can really put some wear and tear on your automobile. Routine maintenance is designed to prevent a lot of these issues, but not everything can be prevented. You’re the most common driver of your Audi. When you’re behind the wheel, look out for things that might indicate a problem is occurring with your vehicle. Watch out for:

Abnormal Noises

These noises can come from just about anywhere on your vehicle. Whistling, screeching, thuds and low hums can all indicate a problem is occurring in the area where the sound is coming from.

Fluid Leaks

You may notice that your vehicle is leaking from somewhere. Condensation leaking from your exhaust pipe can indicate an issue with your muffler or exhaust. Fluid coming from underneath your vehicle can be a sign of problems with your engine, cooling system and much more.

Make sure that you’re having all repairs for your Audi completed at Audi San Juan. We use only OEM parts from Audi for all of the work that we do. This will give you the peace of mind that you need, knowing that the repairs are going to last for a long time. You won’t be bringing your vehicle in again in a few weeks, complaining of the exact same problem that you had in the first place.

Routine Maintenance

While it’s important that your Audi is brought into Audi San Juan for repairs, routine service is something that should be done frequently. If you’re looking to keep your vehicle around for a long time, routine maintenance will allow this to happen. Plan for:

Routine Oil Changes

The old oil in your engine should be replaced with a fresher version every six months or so. The filter should also be changed. This prevents particulates from accumulating inside of your engine.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires approximately once per year will promote a more even wear pattern on your tires. This will result in your tires not needing to be replaced as often.


An alignment is often performed after work is done on certain portions of your wheels or brakes. An alignment will make sure that your wheels are pointing in the right direction; all at the same time. This is another way to promote proper tread wear.

Topping Off Fluids

It’s important that all of the fluids in your vehicle are topped off periodically. This includes engine oil, coolant, anti-freeze and windshield wiper fluid. We use only the highest quality products at Audi San Juan.

Multi-Point Inspection

This is needed to comply with state law, but a multi-point inspection will catch a lot of issues before they become a bigger problem. You can also use this inspection to find out what you might need to replace on your automobile in the near future.

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