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Audi Brake Service & Parts

Audi Brake Services

How confident are you in your brakes? When was the last time you really thought about their performance and had them inspected? Safety first is a motto here at the certified service department here at Audi San Juan, just east of Pharr and McAllen. Our team of certified technicians are here to make sure that your brakes are always in top notch condition with our professional Audi Brakes Services.

What’s Included In Audi Brake Services?

Brake Inspection

Our team goes in to first inspect the various components of your brakes such as the brake fluid, pads, tire tread and depth and more. They take a look at how much your brake pads have worn & how your tires hit them, and are able to assess their overall quality.

Brake Repair

If your brakes are noted to be overused and no longer safe, our team is able to provide a professional brake replacement using parts designed by your Audi engineer for your model to replace the damaged and/or overused parts.

How to know when it’s time to get your brakes replaced:

  • When you start to hear grinding or squeaking noises when applying brakes
  • You notice you have to apply brakes harder than you used to
  • Your car takes longer to come to a complete stop whether gradual or sudden
  • A shaky steering wheel

Service Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed

How Often Should You Have Your Brakes Replaced?

Most brake pads can last up to 50,000 miles, depending on driver tendencies. Those who stop more frequently or are in stop-and-go traffic may need to have their brakes inspected or replaced at a higher frequency than those in less hectic conditions. We always highly recommend checking with your owner’s manual for specific timelines when it comes to having parts of your car repaired, inspected, or replaced and rest assured that we are here to offer assistance as needed.

Audi San Juan is happy to be the go-to Audi certified service center and dealership in South Texas. Just off of 281 and east of McAllen gives us a prime location to provide convenient service to surrounding cities. If it has been longer than 6-months since your brakes were last inspected, consider scheduling a brake inspection with our team today!