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Loaner Vehicles

At Audi San Juan we are happy to provide our customers with courtesy transportation including Audi loaner cars if your Audi is in for a major repair or time intensive maintenance.

What to Expect From Our Loaner Vehicles


Audi San Juan strives to bring our customers a convenient service experience whether you are waiting at our dealership, taking advantage of courtesy transportation, or borrowing one of our loaner vehicles.

Variety of Models

Take an extended test drive of a new Audi model while we perform the required maintenance and do a full multi-point inspection of your Audi. Please let your service advisor know if there is a particular new model you are interested in and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Inspected for Quality

Our fleet of loaner vehicles is clean and tidy. We’ve instructed our staff and loaner-fleet make-ready department to increase their focus on disinfecting high-touch surfaces on top of the already amazing job they do, all to make sure your loaner vehicle is ready to go.

Our Service Loaner Policy

  • I agree to use my personal insurance, which will cover any damage to the loaner vehicle while in my possession. If in case the insurance does not cover the full amount, I agree to pay for the differences. Prior to releasing my vehicle.  

  • I agree to keep the Loaner Vehicle within the city limits, Hidalgo County, Cameron County, as well as Starr County. If the vehicle crosses over the allowed city limits as well as the allowed 85 miles per day, the vehicle will be repossessed along with a charge of the miles that were exceeded. 

  • I agree to promptly return the loaner vehicle within 24 hours after receiving notice of service completion or I will be charged $75.00/per day past the 24 hour notified. 

  • I agree to return the car at or above current fuel levels or to pay for the cost of fuel (as set by the dealer) and a refueling fee. 

  • I agree that I will not smoke in the loaner vehicle or I will be charged $250.00 cleaning fee. 

  • I agree to not have any pets in the loaner vehicle or I will be charged a $250.00 cleaning fee. 

  • I agree to not have any type of alcoholic beverages in the loaner or I will be charged a fee of $250.00 If in case the vehicle gets towed due to this reason, I agree to a $500 penalty and will lose loaner privileges. 

  • I agree to pay for any tolls, parking tickets, or other violations associated with the loaner vehicle while in my possession. 

  • I agree to return the vehicle in the same condition that it was presented to me, without mud, sand, pet hair, cigarette smoke etc. If I violate this agreement I agree to pay a $250.00 cleaning fee. 

  • If I violate this agreement, I will lose my privileges to obtain a Loaner Vehicle from Audi San Juan Service department in the future. 

  • I agree I will not use this vehicle for any business use. i.e. ride sharing, personal business, contract business, ect. 

  • I agree to pay for any damages done to the loaner vehicle by a rodent while under my responsibility. (Engine will be checked before signing contract and upon returning loaner vehicle) 

  • I agree to remove all facial coverings, shoe coverings, and/or any protective equipment from the loaner vehicle. Failure to do so will result in a $25 cleaning and disinfecting fee. 

  • I agree to receive my contract and receipt communications via SMS (standard message and data rates may apply). 

  • I understand that by signing this agreement, I am fully responsible for the loaner vehicle that I am loaned, for it will be signed out under my name until the vehicle is checked back in by the service department of Audi San Juan. If any damages were to occur to the vehicle while under my possession, I understand that I am responsible to pay the full amount of the damages that occurred while under my loan agreement. 

Service Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Complimentary Audi Loaner Vehicle in San Juan, TX

If you’d like to schedule your next service and reserve a loaner vehicle, let us know your preferred date and time to come in, and please let us know if you already have an account with us, so we can easily access your information. For new customers, have your year, make, and model ready as well as your mileage and the kind of service you’d like performed on your Audi.